How it works...

Let us set up your digital App and we can customize your page to let you stay connected to your customers the way YOU want it.

Just one quick scan of the QR code and instantly access all the HOT interactive marketing contents.

With 600 million weChat users, weChat is THE digital marketing platform in China.

REDIRECT FUNCTION to other social media

What we do…

We are the one stop digital solution to redirect traffic and leverage the power of the social media funnel to get your target audience.

Let Daoapp be your best digital asset yet...

Build brand recognition:

the social media platform is THE most effective marketing tool.

But it doesn’t work unless people know you.  Let us create the China buzz and promote your name like never before…

Find your distributors:

With all the buzz, you don’t have to go searching.. In fact, they will find you...

Establish loyal clientele:

Always stay connected with your wine lovers and create a loyal brand following.

Where’s the vino buzz?

Past Events:

October : “Who is Jimmy?” Campaign for Montara Grampian Wines

2014 Upcoming Events You Can’t Miss:

October     : Chinese National Holiday

November : Single’s Day : Memories of Single

                     November 12-14 : ProWine China


December : Christmas: White Wine Wish

                     New Year’s


Regent Taipei

“Lucy” (The Film) Ticket Give-away

6,900 + followers in 2 weeks

Montara Grampian Wines

“Who is Jimmy?” Quiz Campaign

7,000 + participants in 1 week

Jiangsu China Bank

iPhone Give-away Contest

80,000 + followers


World Cup Campaign

20,000 + followers in 3 weeks

K-Pro Sports

2008 Olympics Campaign

1,100 retail locations


“Marry Me” Wedding Proposal Campaign

12,000 + shares